Shakeup at the Pines: Aaron Lefkove Jumps Ship


It seems like they had a great thing going at The Pines in Gowanus…two hopping restaurants right next to each other (the clam shack, Littleneck, is just steps away), a buzzy chef (Angelo Romano, from Roberta’s and Masten Lake), and great press (voted Best Original Concept in our 2012 BK Foodie Awards… how good does it get?)

Although the commute was great, owner Aaron Lefkove confirmed to us that he’s turning his attention back in full to Littleneck, and will no longer be involved with The Pines. Here’s what he had to say about the sudden split.

“Andy and I sold our shares to the other two partners we were working with. We are very impressed with how things turned out at The Pines and are proud to have been a part of it although our role was short lived… and we still have a great respect for Alan Harding (one of our former business partners at The Pines who we also worked with at Littleneck in the beginning) and who I am certain will guide the restaurant to many great things going forward. We wish Alan and Angelo and the rest of the staff there many years of success. Obviously we are excited for any new businesses popping up around us as everyone in the neighborhood (us included!) benefit from one another.”


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