8 Perfect Ways To Spend Your District’s Spare $1 Million


After a couple of (surprisingly? or just pleasantly) successful years, “participatory budgeting” is becoming something of an institution, allowing voters in a number of districts to vote on the allocation of $1 million of extra money within their district. That’s a lot of cash! And now it’s back, in several key Brooklyn districts (you can check your voting eligibility here). Since we all know that with great money comes great power, and with great power comes great responsibility, it seems like we should give this some careful consideration.

Now, a lot of formal proposals for the money have been in the works for some time now, and are set to be presented at an upcoming expo. That doesn’t mean there isn’t still room for suggestions. Namely, easily-calculated suggestions intended to spread goodwill throughout the borough! So, in preparation for the big vote, we have a few earmarks in mind.


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