Top 5 Things We All Do That Can Kill Us

Be careful out there.

  • Todd Heisler/New York Times
  • Be careful out there.

Do you feel safe as you go about your day? Well, you shouldn’t. What you might not realize during your daily routine is that all the things that you do without really thinking about them are very possibly the exact things that are going to kill you. Kill you till you’re dead. The New York Times reported on some of the surprising statistics from a study done by “a team of trauma surgeons, emergency physicians and researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center” which found that many of New Yorkers most common assumptions about what keeps them safe are completely wrong. I guess what’s so scary about this is that it’s like you’re never really protected. You can’t feel safe just because you don’t live on the side of a volcano, you know? So, are you supposed to just lock yourself in a room and never come out again? No. Don’t worry. The city of New York is here to warn you about all the possible ways you might die a horrible death. The city of New York wants to take care of you. That’s been Mayor Bloomberg’s mission for the last 12 years after all. He’s just wanted to help us live our lives better, because we don’t know how to do it ourselves. So if you avoid the following things that can potentially lead to your untimely demise, everything will be just fine. Just fine.