Di Fara To Open New Location

Di Fara pizza Midwood Brooklyn Avenue J

The Midwood pizzeria, regarded as one of Brooklyn’s finest and therefore one of the world’s (even though it’s not unusual for the health department to shut them down), announced on its Facebook page this morning it would open a new location. “Several doors down we will be opening a tiny take out place offering all our old menu items that so many have been missing,” according to the status update. “We will have pasta, heros, salad and more.” Sounds like all those $5 slices paid off! They hope to have the space up-and-running within a few weeks. (And asked that no one ask them any questions. “Will update as we see fit !”)

Reaction was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. “Thinking about going back to college for a second master’s… so i can have a reason to come more often,” posed one follower. (Di Fara is near Brooklyn College.)

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