7 Ways to Welcome Spring in Brooklyn

Cherry Blossom trees in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

  • Cherry Blossom trees in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

It really feels like spring, doesn’t it? That’s a good thing! We guess. Spring is good. Things grow. And there’s other good stuff too. Good. Good. Good. Or maybe you don’t really care that much about spring and kind of just can’t wait till summer? Maybe this time of year just seems like something to trudge through, what with all of its oppressive hopefulness and saccharine cheer? I mean, when Brooklyn starts to naturally take on pastel tones, I personally feel like hibernating. But I can’t. So, in order to help me get through this time, and maybe some of you fellow spring-haters, I’ve come up with a list of great things about springtime in Brooklyn—things that can make even a springtime grinch like me appreciate the fact that, sometimes, good things are, well, good.



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