Drivers Get Away With Murder in NYC

NYC driving on the sidewalk

  • The New York Daily News

Reckless driving in New York is out-of-control, has been for a while, but because of bad laws and shoddy enforcement it keeps, unbelievably, seeming to get worse. In the past 30 days, five pedestrians have been hit by cars while on the sidewalk, three of whom died, and not one of the drivers has been charged with a crime. For driving on the sidewalk and killing a person. “Under [NY] law, when drivers haven’t been drinking, prosecutors must first find ‘recklessness’ when applying the most serious criminal charges,” the Post explains. “That means the driver was aware of the risk of his or her behavior but disregarded it anyway—a state of mind that is often difficult to prove in court. One way to increase the odds of criminalizing driver behavior would be to presume that any motorist who ended up on the sidewalk was reckless.” GEE YEAH YOU FUCKING THINK? FUCK! Here are the names and stories of some of the victims: an Emmy winner, a kid, and a legal-abortion pioneer. [photo]