The Dos and Don’ts of Spring Cleaning

Betty Draper never cleaned. And you dont want to be like Betty Draper do you? Well, I kind of do. But thats not the point.
Betty Draper never cleaned. And you don’t want to be like Betty Draper do you? Well, I kind of do. But that’s not the point.

It’s spring! It’s sprung. And now it’s time to clean. So one of the interesting things about living in Brooklyn is that we all live in small spaces. Oh sure, we might know someone whose huge apartment we silently covet, but even those places, when you really think about it, aren’t all that big. They can’t be. This is New York. We compromise on space so that we can live here. We compromise on a lot of things so that we can live here, but that isn’t really the point now, other than the fact that it is kind of always the point. Anyway. As we all know from living in New York, staying clean and organized is the key to everything. But you want to do it the right way and make the most out of this, the one time of year that you actually clean everything, you dirty fucker. So in an effort to maximize your space and help you clean efficiently and cost-effectively, I have put together a little guide to spring cleaning. You’ll totally be able to invite anyone you want to come over when you’re done and he or she will be so impressed that he or she will do whatever nice things it is that he or she does. Maybe it will involve cookies, I don’t really know.


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