Meat Is Good for You. Here Are the 5 Best Places to Eat Meat.

Marilyn Monroe ate meat. She didnt live long, but dont blame the meat.
Marilyn Monroe ate meat. She didn’t live long, but don’t blame the meat.

Sometimes I feel like I am surrounded by vegetarians. This is not strictly a bad thing. Most of them are really great people who share my hatred of the circus and so we get along just fine. But I always feel pretty bad about eating too much meat around them and maybe even feel a little guilty about my life choices and what terrible things I’m doing to the environment and, more importantly, to my body because I’m eating meat. Well, science has come to my rescue again (thanks, science!) because a new study shows that eating meat—and not just a little meat, but A LOT of meat, is actually good for you. But where are the best places to eat meat in Brooklyn? What are the five best meat dishes that will help us to live forever? Or, if not forever, at least until we die from something else, like global warming-related environmental issues caused by bovine flatulence. Nothing’s perfect, I guess. So you might as well eat meat.


  1. Well, I’m not vegan because I think it’s good for me, I’m vegan because it’s super-bad for the animals. Who die. When I eat them. From all the murder.
    Also, yeah, that study—meh.

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