Would You Wear This “Lena Denim” Dress?


Because if you did, it would maybe be worth it (or at least justifiable) for the pun value alone. So that was pretty clever on ModCloth’s part. Everyone (I think?) loves a good pun. But you know what everyone doesn’t love? A denim dress. Universally unflattering, but also, for dress fabric, denim moves really weirdly and is pretty uncomfortable. It’s understandable, given that there aren’t a lot of good fabrics that rhyme with “Dunham,” but still. Maybe gingham? I don’t know. The point is, denim is the worst. Which, when you think about it, is exactly why Hannah Horvath would wear this in a heartbeat.

The cut also looks a whole lot like most of the dresses Dunham wears on the show, so again, pretty well played here. Surprisingly nice work for a garment that largely exists on the strength of a pun. The promotional materials are less stellar:

“Becoming the voice of your generation – or, perhaps, “a” generation – is all about expressing yourself. Why not let your wardrobe in on the fun? When you’re not proving your high-fashion prowess in awards-show-stopping gowns, let this denim design flaunt your free-spirited style with unpretentious perfection. Wear this collared dress atop your coolest short-sleeved graphic tee – the screen-printed portrait of your fave hip-hop star subtly peeking out from above the two stone-brown buttons. Cast a seafoam shoulder bag, black over-the-knee socks, and some lace-up booties alongside this playful piece, and snap a selfie to share with your best girls. Whether it’s with neon mesh marvels or laidback beauties such as this dress, you’re always making a fun, fresh statement!”

Huh. All the stuff about “selfies” and “free-spirited style” is… a little much. What really concerns me, though, is the part about the “screen-printed portrait of your fave hip hop star.” Are we really dancing on the edge of another conversation about Girls and hip hop and/or race and/or cultural appropriation? If so, I’m going home.

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