Gowanus Is Getting A “Boutique Hotel”


  • Gowanus Inn project memorandum

Flood warnings and potentially skyrocketing insurance rates notwithstanding, Gowanus is still very much on the up and up, real estate-wise. So much so that the area will soon be getting a “boutique” hotel, courtesy of Beatrice Inn co-founder Matt Abramcyck.

According to Capital New York, Abramcyck is in talks with two other “developers/operators” to develop the Gowanus Inn & Yard, projected to be a $13 million, four-story, 82-room hotel on Union between 3rd and 4th Ave (just a couple of blocks away from the Union Hotel, whose owner is also involved in the project).

“The Abramcyk Group is acting as lead designer on the Project, responsible for the design of all private and public spaces as well as food & beverage development,” reads a project memo that’s been making the rounds. “With many years of experience in both restaurant and bar design as well as operational development, it is anticipated that Matt Abramcyk will also serve as a principal of the food & beverage entity which will operate all the hotel’s public spaces.”

So far Abramcyck’s only comment on the project has been, “I can’t really comment about it,” but, assuming they raise the $2.25 million still needed to complete the project, the Inn should be up and running in early 2015. So, Brooklyn won’t stop getting more expensive by the day. But it will have one more fancy place to drink.

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