5 Obsolete New York Objects That Used to Be Essential


With the news that more than half of subway pay phones don’t work, the once ubiquitous New York City object plummets even further down the black hole of obsolescence. Now, we all knew this was coming, obviously. Pay phones have been in decline for years now. And while The L Mag’s Lauren Beck claims to have used a pay phone about “a year ago, last spring maybe?” when her cell phone died, I would personally rather ask a stranger on the street to use his phone rather than risk getting chlamydia of the ear from a pay phone. But even so, it’s still kind of sad to realize that soon it won’t even be an option for me to get chlamydia in my ear. How boring. So, in honor of the slowly dying, basically on life support, New York City pay phone, I’ve compiled a list of other dearly departed objects of city living. These were all things that once seemed like they’d never go away. And now they’re gone. GONE. Just as one day, we all will be too.

Around Brooklyn

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