Videology: When Videostores Become Bars


If you ever find yourself nostalgic for the almost extinct corner video store, you can at least take heart in the ongoing presence and new incarnation of Videology in Williamsburg.

In its new form, Videology offers the opportunity not only to find all your favorite rentals, but also to stay for a screening in the recently renovated back room along with some friends and some beers. And popcorn. There is really good popcorn. We spoke with Wendy Chamberlain of Videology about why she feels a place like this can thrive in Brooklyn. She tells us, “I experience a uniquely passionate and open-minded community of people [in Williamsburg] who are so positive and excited about art and film and life in general. I’m energized every day by living where I live.” And although Videology has changed from its days as a strict movie-rental place, Chamberlain assures us, “Our motto has always been ‘Helping people who love movies find movies to love.’ That mission still holds true today.”


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