We’re A Lot Safer with Fung Wah Buses Off the Road

Fung Wah bus shut down

The Fung Wah bus, which has been ferrying budget-conscious travelers between Chinatown and Boston since 1996, was shut down by the Feds this weekend. The company had denied the government access to its safety records after it was discovered that three-fourths of its fleet had cracks in their frames. Facebook friends mourned the loss of a cheap intercity connection, but truth is bus riders and fellow motorists will all be safer now that Fung Wah is off the road; low prices come from cut corners, and in recent years the company has had a troubled safety record. [photo]


  1. 10 bucks for me and my bike? I’ll take the risk thank you very much, and anyone who’s ever dealt with Greyhound, etc. with a bike would do the same.

  2. I dont find the chinese buses worse than Megabus or Bolt, and would neve pay double to ride shabby Greyhound.

    But there does need to be oversight, as long as some competitor is not pulling the strings on police puppets to put fung wha out of service


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