Shannon Funchess of Light Asylum: Integrity and Intensity, Note By Note

Shannon Funchess moved to Brooklyn over a decade ago, and soon found herself among a vibrant community of artists and musicians in Williamsburg. After collaborations with the likes of TV on the Radio, !!!, and Telepathe, Funchess worked with late TVOTR bassist (and all-round beloved Bedford Avenue musical genius) Gerard Smith as A Rose Parade. Funchess was expansive when we asked about her musical roots in Brooklyn, looking beyond geography: “The hope for any artist is to continue to evolve, expand their audience and fan base outside of where they live and work. I hope to influence other young artists looking to move to Brooklyn to keep the DIY music scene going with their integrity fully intact out of love for what they do.”

Now, of course, Funchess is best known as the woman behind Light Asylum or, rather, the voice behind Light Asylum, which has variously been described as darkwave, industrial synth-pop…. even goth. Whatever you choose to call it, Light Asylum (which also features Bruno Coviello) is anchored by Funchess’s fierce and powerful stage presence, as she attacks each track with almost otherworldly intensity, lending gravitas to songs that juxtapose politics and synths in a way that’s never really been done before.

Look for an upcoming collaboration with Swedish duo, The Knife, and artist Emily Roydon, on the former’s forthcoming LP.

Photo by Nina Mouritzen
Styling by Verushka Music
Grooming by Veronica Ibarra
Location Invisible Dog

Day Birger et Mikkelsen waistcoat
Only Hearts bodysuit
Kokon To Zai church embroidered beret



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