Dossier Journal: From Brooklyn, with Love

Founded in 2008, by Katherine Krause and Skye Parrott, Dossier Journal is a biannual publication which serves as a beautifully curated place for fashion, writing, photography, music and anything that falls under the aegis of arts and culture. Definitely a trendsetter, Dossier has always called Brooklyn home and continues to draw from and be inspired by the resident cultural scene.

Krause tells us, “I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I just went for the first time recently to my great-grandmother’s grave in Bushwick. Both of my parents are from Brooklyn and my entire family lives in Brooklyn. Nowadays people are always shocked to hear that I am from Brooklyn, which I find funny. Everyone says that Brooklyn is so cool now, but Brooklyn was always cool. I remember as a child knowing that I was from somewhere special and being very proud to be from Brooklyn. I grew up knowing you had to be tough to live here.” Despite Krause’s defense of Brooklyn as a place which was always cool—which is, of course, totally true—she also thinks there is more happening now than ever before. She says, “There is so much going on right now in Brooklyn. The energy is tangible. Everyone is creating things everywhere you look. I love that our borough is known as a creative capital of sorts. Everyone makes fun of all the artisanal producers but at the same time making your own products from scratch in a big city is pretty impressive. It feels like people everywhere are carving out their own communities based on their interests, which in a city of millions of people is a feat.” Despite the fact that Dossier and Parrott are still based out of Brooklyn, Krause actually just made the move to San Francisco this past year. She is quick to point out, though, that, “I am in Brooklyn all the time for work and family reasons and I love watching my relationship with my hometown evolve and grow. The further I get away from Brooklyn the more I realize I carry it around inside of me. Being from New York I think by definition, you don’t care what other people think about you because there are so many other people that if you cared what strangers thought, you could never accomplish anything. I feel privileged to have grown up knowing that if someone doesn’t like what I am doing, someone else will.”

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