Well, Looks Like Brooklyn Got Worse in 2012

Prospect Park

Crime in NYC parks rose 7 percent last year over 2011, the Wall Street Journal reports. In actual numbers, this doesn’t seem so alarming: there were 23 more felonies in 34 of the city’s largest parks in 2012, and a spokesman for the mayor sought to downplay the statistics’ significance. BUT. He said the uptick was generally the fault of three parks, one of which was our own Prospect Park: there were 26 robberies there last year, compared with eight the year before, meaning that thefts “more than tripled.” This might be a case of criminals snatching smartphones, as the Journal found one woman whose Blackberry was plucked from her hands as she walked her dog. How to account for the uptick in felony assaults in Dyker Beach Park, to five in 2012 from one the year before, is anyone’s guess.

But that’s not the only “alarming” recent statistic.


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