Looking for Love? Here’s a Map of Where All the Single People Live

Thats a very pink map.

  • trulia.com
  • That’s a very pink map.

Maps are pretty useful things. And they’re so convenient now because of our phones. I mean, imagine what it was like just ten years ago. People probably had to carry almanacs around with them. Or atlases. Or whatever it’s called when maps are gathered up into one place and bound into a fancy, fancy book. Anyway. So the future is now or whatever and we have Google Maps to help us get around to wherever we need to go. And we have other kinds of maps too. We have maps that show us where gentrification is running rampant. (Hint: It’s not Bay Ridge) We have maps showing us where crimes occur and where stop-and-frisks take place and where noise complaints occur the most frequently. But who even cares about all of that stuff when the only thing that matters in this world is that it’s almost the most romantic day of the year? Why isn’t there a map to someone’s heart? Why isn’t there that? Well, that might not exist, but, as it turns out, there is now a map of where to find the largest concentrations of single men and single women in New York City. Finally, right? Let the heart-hunting begin.

The real estate website Trulia posted a map that they made culling all sorts of data that I don’t even want to think about because numbers are so specific and tedious. But, luckily, the people at Trulia wanted to think about those numbers and so, after omitting everyone who is not a single man or woman “looking to date someone of the opposite sex” (sorry, gay men and women!), Trulia put its findings on a handy, color-coded map. Boys are blue and girls are pink, obviously, and it’s pretty easy to see where all the single ladies live. Because they live everywhere! There’s a lot of pink on that map! Especially in all of Manhattan about 14th Street and most of South and Central Brooklyn.

So what does this mean, exactly? I am not really sure. I guess what you can extrapolate from this is that if you are a single man who wants to find a single lady, then you should head on over to DUMBO. Or Park Slope. Or venture into Manhattan and hit the Upper East Side if you’re feeling exotic. And ladies? You’ll have more luck finding single men if you head over to Williamsburg or Greenpoint. Hey! Greenpoint! Isn’t that where fictional character Hannah Horvath lives on the hit HBO show “Girls”? I believe it is. And she always has some guy she’s seeing, whether it’s a black Republican, the ex-junkie who lives downstairs, or the gorgeous Patrick Wilson. Yup, Hannah Horvath is doing juuuusstttt fine. So, pretend that your life is just like “Girls” and make like Hannah Horvath and head over to Greenpoint. I’m sure everything will work out perfectly!

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And if you currently have no one with whom you can go on dates, perhaps Brooklyn Dating can be of some help.


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