Of Course There’s a “Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food” Tumblr Now


You know, not everyone is right about everything all of the time. Maybe I was a little over-zealous when I said that everybody should stop putting every single one of their meals on Instagram. Maybe it really isn’t an incredibly played out and vaguely anti-social thing to do. Maybe it’s even “cool. “

I mean, it’s definitely cool, since there’s now a Tumblr that specifically documents “Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food.” Who among does not want 1) to be specifically labeled as a hipster 2) to be featured on the internet in any way possible, always, and 3) to avoid making eye contact and real conversation with our dinner companions at any possible cost? Are these not universal biological drives, on par with reproduction and actual eating?

Surely they are. Now, whether or not this Tumblr was created to mock the compulsive drive to document every moment of our lives for public appraisal, that should be none of our concern. We are obligated, I think, to move forward, filtering and re-filtering each picture until our fingers bleed and our food goes cold. Or, maybe we could all just do this a little bit less.

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