Paint Your Room the Color of the Brooklyn Bridge!


Ever look up at the Brooklyn Bridge and think, “gee, I wish I had that vaguely rusty brown color on my walls, and the walls of all my friends, and the houses of my all friends who have houses upstate”? Well, you may be in luck! New York’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services is auctioning off surplus paint, including 500 gallons of the Bridge’s chocolate-brown semi-gloss enamel, the Times reports. Also available: Aluminum Green, and Pulaski Red. (There are seven colors that almost all structures in NYC can be painted; the others are: Deep Cool Red, Federal Blue, George Washington Bridge Gray, Munsell Gray and Dark Green.)

The paint is being offered in a public auction that ends tomorrow; the current high bid is $3/gallon. This would be an especially good purchase for anyone who’s been sold a bridge in Brooklyn recently.

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