10 New Ben & Jerry’s Flavors for All Your Favorite TV Shows

Mystery flavor!

  • Mystery flavor!

Ben & Jerry’s has just announced that they will be releasing a new flavor in honor of the “30 Rock” series finale and this has us very excited. Although the details of the “30 Rock” flavor haven’t been released yet, the Ben & Jerry’s novelty ice cream flavors have a pretty solid record. Schweddy Balls and Americone Dream are both really, really good. Sure, sometimes they miss the mark, like with the Jimmy Fallon ‘Late Night Snack’ flavor, because, as it turns out, potato chips just can’t stay crispy in ice cream. So, ew. Anyway, the actual flavor of the “30 Rock” ice cream won’t be revealed until a special airing of the show’s finale, but we feel Ben & Jerry’s would be missing a real opportunity if they didn’t base it around Liz Lemon’s favorite snack food, Sabor de Soledad. Or maybe something referencing “mind grapes”? Or werewolf bar mitzvah? I don’t know exactly how that would work in terms of ice cream flavors, but, wow, that was a really good episode. In honor of the new “30 Rock” flavor, we decided to come up with some other potential Ben & Jerry’s ice creams based on our favorite TV shows.


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