Hate Slow G Train Service? Protest This Weekend


It seems not everybody was all that pacified by a report earlier this month that G train service is actually way better and more reliable than people give it credit for. No, it still kind of sucks, according to a group called the Riders Alliance and a couple of local politicians, who are staging a rally on Sunday at 1 p.m. the Metropolitan Ave station to demand better service.

“As the neighborhoods surrounding the G train continue to grow, it’s vital that their lifeline grow with them,” said State Senator Daniel Squadron, who’s helping to organize the event along with State Sen. Martin Dilan.

The Riders Alliances has already collected hundreds of signatures on its own, and its executive director noted, “It’s gratifying that our grassroots campaign has attracted the attention of so many powerful allies. Of course, the real value will be when we begin to win some of the service improvements we’ve been pushing for.”

The actual MTA response has been pleasant but vague (“it must be noted that we are working from a pool of finite resources,”), so, you know, if you feel like rattling some cages this weekend and don’t mind standing around in the cold, the Riders Alliance could probably use your help. And anyway, it couldn’t hurt for the G to get a few improvements, right? A rising tide lifts all boats, or something.

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  1. Got to the Nassau Ave station at 6:15 this morning and a train didn’t show up until 6:38. Trains at that time are supposed to run every 10 minutes. Earlier in the week, I encountered two additional delays on the G. Considering changing my route to head into midtown.


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