The L Train “Street Style” Video You Never Asked For Is Here


With the Styleblaster hype calmed down a bit (and everyone who walks by it bundled up anyway because it is fucking freezing outside), the public has been clamoring for someone, anyone to address our needs re: keeping tabs on “Williamsburg Street Style.” Right? Uh, sure.

Hence, the new YouTube series “The L Train,” which, per a promotional email we received, “stalks street style in Williamsburg with actress Daniella Pineda, with often comedic results.” In the pilot episode, Pineda promises to cover the full, diverse spectrum of every single possible type of person to live in “the next cultural Hub” of Williamsburg, from “The homeless-looking trust-fund kids, to the stylishly unemployed.” Ah.

So, here we are. “Comedic results” forthcoming, maybe, but as far as the actual style aspect of this goes, I will admit to being very, very jealous of that giant fur hat.

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