Williamsburg is On Fire! Here Come the Hipster Jokes!


A four-alarm fire broke out on N. 7th Street near Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg yesterday, damaging two buildings and causing residual damage to at least two more, Gothamist reported. Hang on a second—did somebody say Williamsburg? Several hipster jokes soon appeared in Gothamist’s comments section, but they were pretty sophisticated in their wit and cultural references, so I figured I’d break them down for anybody who might have been confused. You’re welcome! [photo]


  1. I hate that when people say Williamsburg they automatically say hipsters. Williamsburg is an old neighborhood that’s been around long before the hipsters. There are still plenty Italians, Dominicans,puerto ricans, and Polish people there. No one ever speaks about them. They are the TRUE WILLIAMSBURG people whom have lived thru years of poverty and neglect. Now some doof with a smelly beard, bad clothing, and a neon orange ski cap opens an organic, local, vegan, dog shit factory and some how becomes the poster boy for Williamsburg.


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