Neighborhood Crawl: Where to Eat and Drink on 5th Avenue in Park Slope


When we were growing up in Park Slope (oh so long ago), Fifth Avenue was a somewhat frightening no-mans land — populated by a decrepit supermarket with rancid meat case odor on one end and a discount school supply store and rundown Mandee’s on the other. Seventh Avenue was where it was at when it came to fine dining — at meaning Smilings Pizzeria, the Grand Canyon Diner, and chicken quesadillas from the Santa Fe Grill off of Lincoln Place.

Oh how times have changed. And while the stroller-derby Slope may never have the gritty cache of, say, Van Brunt Street in Red Hook or Franklin Street in Greenpoint, Fifth Avenue is nevertheless chock-a-block with destination dining options. That’s why it’s next on our list of drink-to-dessert neighborhood mini crawls, where we tackle one gastronomically blessed BK block at a time by spreading the love — and your dollars — among some of the tastiest restaurants within them.