Brooklyn Rents Still Forcing People Back into Terrible Manhattan

What a pipe dream.

  • What a pipe dream.

We’ve written about it before, and it still seems like it might not be a real thing at all, but yet another study has surfaced indicating that people are getting priced out of Brooklyn and moving into less-desirable Manhattan. So, are we done here? Is it all over?

Well, only if you had your heart set on living in one of the newer developments in DUMBO or Williamsburg, according to the new report from MNS Real Estate. “It’s not a big trend, but you’re seeing it happen,” explained the company’s CEO, noting the neighborhoods’ absurdly high mean prices ($3,712 and $3,133, respectively, for a one-bedroom apartment). Instead, people are turning to the Financial District, the Upper East Side, and Harlem, none of which, it could be argued, are notably cheap at all.

Nonetheless, DNAinfo reports that it is, in fact, happening to people like Alex Baker, who “decided he could no longer afford to live the Williamsburg dream” and moved back into Manhattan, where, he says, “I have more space and pay less.” Which sounds like way more of a dream than living in Williamsburg, but no one asked me, I guess. Anyway, until further notice, Brooklyn is not dead yet, and the Financial District is still not cool. All is as it should be.

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