There Is Now a Magazine for Hipster Dads


You’ve been clamoring for it, yes? Spent the past few years in an Amadeus-like artistic flurry, feverishly dashing off letters to every single media influencer you can find, beseeching them — beseeching the gods themselves — to please, please, start a hipster parenting magazine… for dads? Well, either way, someone made one.

This month sees the launch of Kindling Quarterly, a Brooklyn-based magazine for yes, the hipster dad. Their mission statement is as follows:

Kindling Quarterly is an exploration of fatherhood. Through essays, interviews, editorials, art, and photography we highlight creative individuals whose work and lives are inseparable from their role as a parent. There is no shortage of familiar portrayals of dads in media yet we aim to present a thoughtful dialogue about fatherhood that is missing from our cultural landscape. Men who are active caregivers are not a novelty and we do not depict them as such. While the subjects of our stories are fathers, each issue appeals to anyone interested in art, creativity, and community. Kindling Quarterly playfully assesses and celebrates the multitude of experiences that form contemporary fatherhood.”

While a cursory look at the cover, layout, headlines, and mission statement makes it constitutionally impossible to refer to this as anything other than “the hipster dad magazine,” the whole thing doesn’t seem so wildly unreasonable. After all, tens of thousands of words per day are dedicated to every single aspect of both hipster and non-hipster mom-ing, so it’s not a crazy leap of the imagination to assume that there are some dads out there who’d be interested in a little more dialogue focused on the world of dad-ing.