Welcome Wyoming’s Snake River Brewing to New York


Photo Robert Caputo

Snake River Brewing is located in Jackson, Wyoming, in the Teton Mountain Range’s famed Jackson Hole region. Within driving distance of two national parks (Yellowstone and Grand Teton), Jackson is extremely cold and extremely beautiful and obviously worth visiting if you have the means — you spent god knows how much money on those super rugged boots of yours, and for what, to stand on the subway platform all day?

But if such a trip is not in the cards for you at the moment, it’s ok—you needn’t go any further than your beloved outer borough for a taste of the region’s most notable export. As of this week, Jackson’s Snake River Brewing is distributing its beers right here in the city.

Their 5% ABV flagship lager is similar to Blue Point’s Toasted Lager, with a rich, almost buttery, caramel backdrop and just a hint of hoppy brightness on top; It’s an obvious crowd pleaser that doesn’t sacrifice anything in the way of flavor. Pako’s IPA is a extremely well made example of the style, with huge citrus notes of grapefruit and candy-like orange peel. There’s a nice dose of bitterness that hits right up front and again at the end before giving way to a nice, lingering sweetness. And then there’s the 6% Zonker, a rich, sweet-smelling chocolatey stout that shows off an abundance of roasted and even charred malts.

I’d be happy to have any of these beers out at a bar, and I can’t see why there’s ever be a time when I wouldn’t have at least some of them on hand at home. The full lineup is available at American on Court Street, as well as noted beer bars like Proletariat, Bind Tiger and Pacific Standard. Give ’em a shot.


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