The Man Who Hated Hipsters


Louis Segna lived in Williamsburg all his life, all 51 years. The 6-foot, 300-pound man hated noise, especially the noise that young people made near his apartment on North 7th near Bedford above Konditori, and was known for his appearances at meetings between the community and local police precinct to complain. But cops only recently put together that he has been responsible for more than 400 phony calls to 911 over the last two years, the Post reported over the weekend. It began to unravel the weekend before, when cops received an emergency call about a “large disorderly group fighting” on Bedford near Segna’s apartment, but when they arrived the block was quiet. An officer stayed behind, and soon another call came in reporting a gunshot on the same corner. But no gun shots had been fired.

A cop listening to the 911 calls recognized Segna’s voice—his “distinct voice and speech impediment,” the Post reports—and police arrested him on Thursday. He admitted, “It’s the only way I can get you guys to come!” He was charged with reckless endangerment, aggravated harassment and making false reports.

His most outlandish call was on September 1, when he told police there had been an explosion at the Bedford Avenue subway station. “He’s crazy,” a shopkeeper told the Post. “Not just a little crazy like people in Williamsburg.”

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