5 Fucked Up Holiday Traditions From Around the World


There’s nothing inherently normal about the ways Americans celebrate holidays. All rituals, no matter how much comfort and happiness we derive from them, are weirdly entropic and usually bizarre. And they’re made all the more strange for supposedly being imbued with “magic” as if suspending belief in rational thought is a positive thing. I mean, leave aside the holidays for a second and think about the Tooth Fairy. Why do we tell our children to be cool with the fact that after a piece of bone falls out of their mouth, a fairy will break into the house, trade cash for the lost body part, and then fly back to wherever Tooth Fairies come from and add it to some morbid pit of teeth. Is that where the whole vagina dentata myth comes from? Who knows? And why is it cool to teach children that it’s no big deal for the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus to break into our homes at night? It’s totally creepy. But, well, while all those things are creepy, there are even more creepy traditions from around the world. You might have already learned to love the krampus today, but here are 5 more, totally fucked up traditions from around the world.


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