The Men of Svbscription: Sending Surprise Care Packages to the Men of Brooklyn

Who doesn’t love getting a mysterious box in the mail (when the Postal Service actually manages to deliver it, that is) and opening it up to see what’s inside? Everyone loves this. Really. Everyone. And that’s where Svbscription comes in. Launched just this past spring, Svbscription offers the man in your life—and maybe that’s you, maybe you are the man in your life—a chance to receive a meticulously curated and thematically conceived package, designed to delight and inspire.

Founded by Andrew Apostola, Sam Wheeler, Dino Siampos, and Marc Goldenfein, the goal behind Svbscription is, in the words of Dino, to deliver “a curated box that leads men who already have defined tastes to investigate new brands and objects that accompany them in their walk/work/night-life and overall lifestyle.” Which, when you think about it, is just about the perfect gift to get for someone, or even for yourself. The original idea for the project was conceived over brunch in Prospect Heights, but it developed quickly from there, probably because all of the men who created it—who are, not incidentally, also the target audience for Svbscription—were so excited to launch the project.

Andrew says that, “The single most rewarding aspect is receiving the finished parcel at my door. Even though I’m involved in the mail-out and I know the contents, I make sure I have my own parcel shipped to my apartment in Brooklyn. It’s unique—there’s not much surprise left in modern life, it makes us proud to be delivering something so rare.”

All Photos Matt Feddersen



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