Hate Your Life? Too Bad! It’s Going to Be Longer Than You Thought.


  • The New York Times

That’s right, New Yorkers. Just when you thought that maybe all your troubles would soon be over, that you wouldn’t have to live through the mass flooding and chaos that will soon be the norm due to global warming, news came that life expectancies of New Yorkers have reaches an all-time high.


Well, don’t worry too much, because this really only applies to a child who was born in 2010, which, probably is not you, dear reader. But those children, born in 2010, can expect to live 80.9 years. That’s a really long time! And longer than the record-high that the city announced last December of 80.6 years.

So, basically, even though the city might not be around 80 years from now, we will be. I mean, we won’t have anything to eat or anywhere to live and we might be eyeing our loved ones in order to determine who to eat, but whatever, because we’ll be ALIVE.

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