Twoseven: Designing the Perfect Storefront

Founded by Swiss-born artist Franco Götte, the design-build firm Twoseven is run by both Götte and his longtime creative partner—and wife—Martina Salisbury out of a workspace on the border of East Williamsburg and Bushwick. As Götte and Salisbury tell us, Twoseven “specializes in the creation of store window displays, retail interiors, and showrooms for high-profile fashion and cosmetics companies in New York City, and for export worldwide. We also create limited editions for artists, and exhibition materials for museums, galleries, and other cultural clients.”

Although Twoseven works with clients as prestigious as Stella McCartney and Chanel, they are also firmly rooted in being a part of the Brooklyn community where they are based. Götte feels it was “fate” that brought him to Williamsburg, which is where he and Salisbury met and now live with their two children, Gemma and Gavino. They tell us that, “As artists and designers we feel at home in such a creative community. We are always happy when the occasion presents itself [and we can] collaborate with local artists, designers and architects… as well as musicians.” In fact, several of LCD Soundsystem’s band members are former Twoseven employees, and the firm designed and built the equipment stands and part of the stage for the band’s final shows. It doesn’t get much more creatively collaborative and community-based that that.

221 McKibbin Street, Bushwick

Photo Matt Feddersen


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