5 Unbiased Reasons Kate and William Should Raise Their Kid In Brooklyn


If you’ve spent any time over the past 48 hours doing work at your job, “taking some time for yourself,” or thinking about boring shit like the Middle East, let me just stop you right there. Are you an unfeeling monster? A famous, wealthy, titled baby is on the way, and attention must be paid. Oh, it must be paid.

Thankfully, the New York Post understands this, and have published a helpful article chock-full of inside information on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s plans for said Über-baby, specifically, that they want it to have a normal life and “raise it just like us.”

“Send them a $500 engraved silver christening cup from Tiffany’s, and it’ll be returned pronto by their office with a polite note of thanks and the suggestion that you make a contribution instead to their charitable trust,” writes the Post.

Sounds like a pretty extreme attempt at normalcy. Maybe the kind that would be helped along by a refreshing change of location… to Brooklyn?! After all, there’s a reason we’re known on the streets as “Babytown, USA.” This is a great place to raise kids, especially for the likes of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. And, since I assume William and Kate have nothing better to do during this time than pore over the self-interested advice of a blogger they have never met, allow me to present the evidence.


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