Our Favorite Christmas TV Episodes of All Time


There’s a sleepy, sweet song by British pop duo Slow Club called “Christmas TV,” in which the protagonist prays that her significant other misses his flight so they can stay together one more night and watch Christmas TV curled up on the couch. This is important because (1) it really is one of the most charming songs you’ll come across this time of the year, and (2) it illustrates the importance of holiday-related programming on the small screen. Watching a series’ token Christmas episode not only helps get in the festive spirit, but script writers seem to up the ante in December, offering some of the most memorable moments of a series’ history&#8212moments like dancing fecal matter wearing a jolly Santa hat. ‘Tis the season for television!

We therefore present you the 100 percent objective, inarguable guide to the best seasonal episodes of the last 25 years (aka, a few of our personal favorites).


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