Joya Studio: Candle Collaboration


Our friends at Joya Studio have collaborated with Parisian fashion house Hervé L. Leroux on a spectacular candle made out of “matte black porcelain inspired by the fashion icon’s signature silhouette.” Each candle is hand crafted here in New York and, like all of Joya’s candles, is a unique shape with an intoxicating fragrance.

This collaboration is dubbed “Giroflée” after a flower that grows in Leroux’s garden in France. Joya used the giroflée as the top note for the candle’s scent and also incorporated jasmine, magnolia blossom, gardenia, tuberose, as well as musk and cedarwood for a scent that Joya describes as “intoxicating”.

All Joya products share the distinction of using fragrance in a way that enhances rather than overwhelms your olfactory experience. The sense of smell is incredibly powerful, emotion-driven, and memory-based. The porcelain elements are designed by ceramic artist Sarah Cihat, who brings a deft touch to each item, so that they are sensually appealing not only for the nose, but also the eyes.

Joya will soon be opening an atelier in Clinton Hill, but until then, this candle can be found on their website


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