Greenpoint Will Have a Post Office Again

The Greenpoint post-office branch on Meserole Avenue flooded some during Superstorm Sandy, damaging its electrical systems and Internet. And while the USPS is working to restore service, there’s no timeline yet for when it’ll reopen. Ordinarily in such a situation, the Post Office provides mobile full-service vans. But there’s only one of these available in Brooklyn, and it has been in Coney Island, whose post office branch experienced significant damage during the storm, as well. So Greenpoint has been without a post office; the nearest branch is on the Southside. But that should soon change.

The van currently servicing Coney Island will be coming to Greenpoint by week’s end, Assemblyman Joe Lentol announced—as soon as the full-service trailer en route to Coney Island arrives. “Having this branch ready for the holiday season is very important,” Lentol said in a press release. So don’t be angry if Christmas cards from your friends in Greenpoint are a little late!

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