A History of Disputes At The Park Slope Food Co-Op


  • Paul Lowry/Flickr

This week, Park Slope Food Co-Op members who missed shifts on October 29th and October 30th because of that Hurricane you may have heard about (and because the Co-op was, necessarily, closed during Sandy) found out that they’ve been put on “alert,” meaning they face suspension if they don’t make up the shift within 10 days.

Technically, they can contact the office to seek “clemency” if this isn’t possible, but still, this feels a little…harsh? Ill-timed and in poor taste? Or if you’re a Co-op lifer, just “totally appropriate,” because aside from, you know, keeping their store stocked with delicious ethical food, there’s nothing Co-opers are better at than going to belligerent pains to prove a point. A look back at some of their more notable dust-ups, because they’re as easy to (gently) mock as they are to get riled up over nothing.