Markowitz Accuses Knicks Fans In Brooklyn Of Treason


Say what you will about Marty Markowitz, but he really, really seems to know exactly what his place is on the New York political spectrum: Brooklyn booster and “amusing local character.” As such, he’s released a video on The Brooklyn Game “putting all Brooklynites” on notice that as of November 1st, if you still choose to support the Knicks, “there’s no room for you in Brooklyn” and he, as Borough President, will personally bring you up on “charges of treason.”

Which bodes poorly for our own Mike Conklin, given his public denunciation of such a switch. Because, maybe I’m behind the times, but isn’t the legal punishment for treason still the death sentence? Or does Brooklyn have its own separate statute that just says Marty Markowitz will jokingly talk a lot of shit about you instead? Because that seems pretty fine, definitely better than any messy capital punishment.

Anyway, if the “November 1st” deadline feels a little late to you, it’s because Markowitz actually recorded this whole thing a month ago, but rightly decided to hold it back for a while in deference to Hurricane Sandy. Video below, handling of mass local treason charges TBD.

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