Brooklyn Timeline: Red Hook


  • Uli Seit/ New York Times

The dynamism of Brooklyn is evident in all of its many neighborhoods. And, to paraphrase Walt Whitman, Brooklyn contains multitudes. So, for our purposes, those multitudes have been divided into all of Brooklyn’s varied ‘hoods, each with a specific and distinct past and personality. So that’s why we’re going to go back into the history of each of these distinct areas, to understand better where they came from, where they are now, and maybe where they’ll be headed. First, we did Williamsburg, and then Brooklyn Heights, then Coney Island, because apparently I’m working in a counter-clockwise concentric circle through Brooklyn’s waterfront neighborhoods? No, that’s not it. There’s no method to my madness. And, yet, now I’m doing Red Hook. So, I guess my madness is at least centered around Brooklyn’s waterfront? I don’t know. I just don’t know. But, Red Hook it is.

This is a timeline of one Brooklyn neighborhood, its past and present, its people and places.