Clinton Hill Bar Gives You A Discount For Having Kids


Listen, there’s been a lot of talk around these parts of babies in bars, but once again, it’s time to play a game of “Great idea or terrible idea,” this time with a Clinton Hill bar’s new discount for people who can prove they’ve successfully reproduced.

According to the Brooklyn Paper, Bedford Hill Coffee Bar now has a Saturday night happy hour offering parents $1 off drinks for every kid they have. “One night, there was a dad in here and another couple, and they were all talking about how hard it was to raise kids,” said owner Allison Stuart. “That’s when I decided we needed to have some kind of happy hour for parents.”

Stuart is a reasonable adult, though, and rather than encouraging people to tote kids along to a crowded bar (“That defeats the purpose of happy hour,” she says), is willing to accept photo evidence in lieu of the physical presence of children.

So, tentatively, I think we can rule this as “not a terrible thing,” and maybe just a nice thing to do for people who have kids. The true villain here is the Brooklyn Paper, for describing children as “kiddlywinks.” That is a fucking abomination.

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