Inside The Offices Of Nifty Thrifty, Williamsburg’s Mecca For Online Thrifting

No one I know really needs more help figuring out how to blow their money shopping online, but it has arrived. Most definitely, it has arrived in the form of Nifty Thrifty, a Williamsburg-based online retailer for hand-selected vintage pieces that generally hover around the price range of $50.

A dangerous proposition, to be sure, but also a pretty ingenious one, filling the significant gap between the needle-in-a-haystack nature of Ebay thrifting and the limitations (and digging) involved in a trip to a brick and mortar vintage store. This was exactly what founder Topper Luciani was banking on when he first started planning his new venture after an ultra-successful run selling vintage ties on Ebay as the “Emperor of Tie-Land.”

“I love Ebay as a buyer, but you have to know so specifically what you’re looking for. I’m always looking at other retail sites where things are well collected and presented to you in a certain way,” explained Luciani, citing inspiration from retailers like Nasty Gal and Net-A-Porter that have claimed a foothold in the market with carefully-crafted lookbooks for shoppers.

Given their uncanny success since launching in early October, it seems to be working. I paid a visit this week to their Berry St. headquarters to meet with the team, scope out the collection, and like any self-respecting journalist, Instagram the shit out of their offices.


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