Brooklyn’s One and Only Baby Walrus Made It Through the Hurricane Unscathed

Im doing fine, guys. Just fine!

  • I’m doing fine, guys. Just fine!

You remember this lil’ fella? He’s doing all right. Mitik, the New York Aquarium’s new 236-pound baby walrus, was seemingly unfazed by the severe flooding of his Coney Island home during superstorm Sandy. They don’t call him “small but scrappy” for nothing. (I’m also just learning they call him “Mitt,” which raises the adorable quotient even higher, despite the name currently having other connotations.)

In yet another display of unselfishness on Monday, aquarium employees stayed onsite throughout the night to care for its tenants. “As an orphaned calf, [Mitik] was experiencing some health issues when he came to us as a rescue,” Jim Breheny, the aquarium’s executive vice president, said in a statement. “We have been monitoring his condition carefully since his arrival and continued this around-the-clock care throughout the duration of the storm.” Breheny reports that all animals at the organization’s zoos in the Bronx, Central Park, Prospect Park and Queens “fared well” during the crisis.

We’ll stand by you as long as you need, Mitt.

[via New York World]

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