DIY Candy Corn Vodka, For Your Halloween And Hurricane Drinking Needs


We’ve already got you covered with stress baking for the Frankenstorm, but as we all know, stress drinking is just as crucial a coping mechanism. This recipe was first brought to my attention by my roommate as a Halloween recipe, but in light of recent circumstances, it will have to serve dual purposes.

So, you know, in the spirit of both All Hallows Eve and using up whatever random ingredients are sitting in your house while you wait out the storm, no time like the present to try a little foray into homemade candy corn vodka. Think of it as a step up from Skittlebrau, a step down from that weird-but-sort-of-good whipped cream vodka. And remember: you’re trapped in the house today, so there’s likely nothing else better to do at all. Fun? Fun!


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