Duct Tape Is Good for Many Things, Not So Good at Curing Drug Addiction


Duct tape is one of those awesome products that has many uses beyond what it was originally invented to do. Discovery.com has a helpful list of secondary uses for duct tape that includes things like hair removal, wart reduction (which is apparently a thing), and the construction of strapless bras. What I think is evident here, is that duct tape is a man-made miracle, like bourbon.

What duct tape can’t do, though, is cure drug addiction or mental illness. Please, don’t ever try to use duct tape to cure mental illness. It’s a really bad idea.

If you need actual evidence of why this is a really bad idea, well, perhaps you are suffering from some sort of mental illness or drug addiction of your own. I’ll provide you with evidence anyway, though, because the Daily News has reported on the consequences of the attempts to use duct tape for this highly unorthodox purpose.

The News reports that a “Queens woman and her fiancé bound her brother so tightly in duct tape to ‘help him recover’ from drug addiction and mental illness that doctors had to amputate his leg.” Both of the people who were charged are members of a Flushing church that their family members described as being a “Korean-American Christian cult.” Apparent, this oh-so-intelligent duo believed that by shoving a sock into this guy’s mouth—which was then held in place with duct tape—and binding his hands and feet with even more duct tape and then proceeding to pray and sing, “they thought God would make him a regular person.”

Instead, “God”—in his infinite wisdom—decided to turn the poor guy’s foot blue so that when his family finally took him to a hospital, doctors determined that he had been so damaged from being bound with duct tape by his own sister that they would need to amputate his leg above the knee.

Oh, “God,” you really screwed up this one didn’t you? How does this man’s leg being amputated help anything? Maybe you were without his leg he won’t be able to get drugs so easily? Oh, right, he’ll probably be put on a ton of painkillers which are just as dangerous and addictive and potentially fun as anything you can find on the streets.

I’m just not sure “God” thought this through. I guess I shouldn’t really blame “God” though. Or duct tape. Clearly this was the fault of no one but these delusional fanatics who were more worried about curing someone else’s alleged mental illness than looking into their own fucked up minds.

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