“When We Were Ancient:” The Williamsburg Hipsters of Yore

Old Dutch Mustard Factory, 1994

  • Mara Catalan, All Rights Reserved
  • Old Dutch Mustard Factory, 1994

Whether you like it, hate it, or are avidly indifferent, Williamsburg has changed pretty radically in the past few decades. We can all agree on this, right?

While some of us were still nothing more than a mere, gentrifying twinkle in our father’s eye, people were, you know, already moving here and doing cool stuff. It’s in celebration of this pioneering spirit (and their 25th year in business) that neighborhood stalwart Teddy’s Bar and Grill decided to host “When We Were Ancient,” a show of local photos, zines, posters, and art from the pre-condo era.

We spoke with show curator Ethan Pettit (owner of the eponymous Bushwick gallery) about his early days in the neighborhood, Williamsburg’s early arts community, and the inevitable move to Bushwick.