Real Or Fake? A Pop Quiz On Brooklyn’s Weirdest, Most Contested Historical Monuments


  • Tom Turner/FlickRiver

Earlier this week, one local diver told The New York Post that he may have found the remains of World War II warships — including “torpedo-armed Navy PT boats and Whaleback cargo ships” — using long-distance sonar images in the Coney Island Creek, near the site of a former shipbuilding yard. And hey, stranger things have happened! The creek already has its own marooned submarine, so he might as well get a few new (or extremely old) nautical friends.

Further research into the sunken boats is still pending, but the whole thing got us to thinking about the frequency with which weird new historical sites are still being discovered in Brooklyn to this day. History is alive and happening all around us, etc. etc. However, some claims are a little more, shall we say, “solid” than others. And how can we be sure? It’s easy to be taken in by convincing historical hucksters, you know! With that in mind, it’s time to test (and brush up on) your knowledge of random Brooklyn history with our own pop quiz: Real or Fake?


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