Watch Jay-Z Ride The Subway To His Own Barclays Center Show


Jay-Z may be many things — producer, rap mogul, businessman, Kanye mentor, husband of Beyonce and father of B.I.C. — but he’s also maybe the most vocal Brooklyn native of all time.

And thus, in spite of his outlandish wealth and the fact that celebrities can’t really go on the subway without being totally harassed, he decided to take the R train to his final show at the Barclay’s Center on Saturday. There’s video, duh:

The asshole chanting “Brooooklyn. Brooooklyn!” in the background seems like a real buzzkill, as does the need for a large security detail (and the fact that he had to go via Canal, one of the worst stations in the entire subway system), but overall, people seem excited, Jay seems appreciative, it’s pretty cute.

Wanna see something even more positive and uplifting? Maybe a video of him and Beyonce performing “Young Forever” at that night’s show? Perfect, us too. Monday mornings are nothing if not a time for awkward tears of joy at one’s desk:

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