Bushwick Is Getting A Chocolate Factory! With Chocolate Tours!


If you weren’t already convinced that Bushwick is gentrifying at a rapid clip a cozy pavement paradise where all your dreams come true, get ready to change your mind. We are getting a chocolate factory. Complete with chocolate tours, and chocolate making classes!

Take that, every other neighborhood and food establishment in all of New York! Bushwick wins, decisively.

Grub Street reports today that Williamsburg chocolatiers Fine & Raw are opening up a new, 2,500-square-foot outpost in the neighborhood later this month, where they’ll start making all the company’s chocolate on-site.

The factory will also host delightfully-named “Chocolate Jungle” tours, according to owner Daniel Sklaar, and, more tentatively, chocolate-making seminars.

Expect further reports from us and a full, overly-extensive dispatch from this magical new Chocolate Jungle in the near, near future.

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