No More Blaming the MTA, We All Need to Find a Better Excuse for Being Late

Look at all these people who are going to be late for work. Whats the point of even going in?

  • Look at all these people who are going to be late for work. What’s the point of even going in?

Oh, is that just me then who’s always late? No, I know it’s not. Everyone’s late all of the time. That is just the world we live in. A world with cellphones, so we can always text whoever we’re meeting that we’re running a few minutes late. A digression: this is why my father refused to get a cellphone, because he was SURE my brother and I would only ever text him to say that we were running late. And when he did finally get a cellphone? It turned out he was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Basically, my brother and I are total punks, but that is not the point right now. The point right now is that this is pretty typical these days. Everyone is always late.

And part of the privilege, nah, one of the RIGHTS, of being a New Yorker is blaming your tardiness on the subways. It’s the perfect excuse, whether you are late for work or tardy to a party, because, while you are supposedly held captive in some subterranean tunnel, you are also completely unreachable by cellphone. So you can tell your boss or your friends that the C train took FOREVER to come (which it probably did anyway) or that the Q just took its sweet time in that really long tunnel right before it gets to DeKalb.

Until now! Now, as Gothamist reports, the MTA is archiving their website to include every alert about train delays dating back to October 2008! So, no more excuses! At least, none about the trains that aren’t legitimate.

Luckily, this doesn’t mean you’ll need to make up new excuses about why you’re late. Because, let’s be honest here, the subways will STILL probably stop for interminably long times in between stations just like they always have. They’re reliable that way. Or, at least, way more reliable than my perpetually late ass.

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