So What Did The Clintons Actually Eat At Roberta’s? Now We Know.


  • Chris Swanson via Gothamist

All of Brooklyn collectively lost its shit last week when the perfect, untouchable, immortal Clinton family ate dinner at Roberta’s. However, there were stones left unturned to this story, questions unanswered.

Namely, what my favorite political couple of all time actually ate.

We now have at least a small idea, thanks to Roberta’s chef de cuisine Max Sussman, who dropped a few details in this week’s Grub Street Diet.

Under his Friday entry, Sussman told New York Magazine:

“That night was the private event, so I tasted everything that they were going to be eating. We had three canapes. Shrimp cocktail — we poached the shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce. Pumpernickel toast with beef tartare and watercress. And smoked ricotta on crostini with black pepper and honeycomb. We also served them big old racks of pork we cut into pork chops, with sautéed kale, and roasted delicata squash.”

While we don’t actually have confirmation that the recently veganized former President necessarily ate the shrimp, beef, ricotta, and pork mentioned above, this does raise questions about the state of Clinton’s meat-eating these days. If he would like to come by our offices for an extensive interview on his eating habits (and to administer some light life coaching), that would be acceptable.

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